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IPSE is the UK's only not-for-profit membership organisation for the self-employed. You can trust us to keep you up-to-date on all the latest self-employed news.

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IPSE carefully curates a selection of benefits and partners to work with that provide you with the products and services you need to run your business - all at the lowest prices. 

All the latest news concerning you as an independent worker. As the leading voice for the self-employed, IPSE is the place to be for freelancers looking for breaking news, new tax laws and any policy changes.

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IPSE organises, supports and collaborates on around 100 online and in-person events every year throughout the UK, from practical seminars, workshops, roundtables and webinars 

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Premium guides and templates
Money saving offers
Wellbeing services
Tax and legal helplines

Discounted contract review service
Discounted business insurance portal
IPSE partner offers
Tax pre dispute cover

Contract failure cover
Illness and injury cover
IPSE group pension
IPSE group life assurance

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Our three membership plans have been designed by the self-employed, for the self-employed. With the right protection for your business, you can focus on what you do best.



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With an IPSE Essentials membership, you'll gain access to tools to help you grow your business, plus, you'll find money saving offers and wellbeing services to make self-employment all the more enjoyable.

Tax and legal helplines

IPSE partner offers

Discounted business insurance

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Monthly instalments

Protect your business with IPSE's tax investigation and business interruption cover. Gain access to IPSE Pension and life assurance plans, as well as discounts for high street brands, on top of everything included in the Essentials memberships.

Up to £750 contract failure cover

Tax investigation cover

Access to the IPSE group pension

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Monthly instalments

Gain access to IPSE's full suite of business protection and wellbeing support. You'll benefit from tax compliance and investigation cover, illness and injury cover, on top of everything included in the Essentials and Standard memberships.

Up to £5k jury service cover

Up to £100k tax investigation indemnity

Up to £2k illness and injury cover

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IPSE gives freelancers the support they need to thrive in today's market.

Luke Nicholson

Being a member of IPSE has plugged me into a fantastic array of resources.

Iona Bain

As an IPSE Plus member I rest easy knowing that support is just a phone call away. 

Tim Bradburn

Premium guides and templates
Money saving offers
Wellbeing services
Tax and legal helplines

Contract Review Service
Discounted business insurance portal
IPSE Partner Offers
Tax Pre Dispute Cover

Contract Failure Cover
Illness and injury Cover
IPSE Group Pension
IPSE Group Life Assurance

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IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, is the voice of the UK’s self-employed population who make up one in seven people working today.

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not-for-profit membership organisation 
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Join 16,000 other freelancers, contractors, consultants, and interims as a member of IPSE and help us fight to make the UK a fairer place to be self-employed.

As more and more people go into freelancing seeking freedom and flexibility, we're working to make sure politicians recognise this and make the UK a good place for them to do business. We can only do that with a strong voice behind us, and that's why we need your support.